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Shnri- titln S.A.

The story of Shangri-La Atitlan started with a small, rustic farm roaster among the coffee fields on the outskirts of San Marcos La Laguna in 2013. The popularity of our coffee encouraged us to upgrade our equipment in 2016 and turn our hobby and part time operation into a professional coffee processing and roasting company.

The rise in quantity output enabled us to increase the quality. Nonetheless it remains an artisanal, handcrafted and personal product with high ethical standards. We source our Atitlán coffees directly from the local farmers and COOP’s and process the coffee in our own factory to guarantee high quality and consistency and to make sure the farmers receive a fair price for their coffee.

We also support an amazing community by roasting and marketing their coffee: the women’s cooperative of Maya Ixil from Quiché, whose coffee is USDA certified organic and Fair Trade certified.

We roast our coffee on an imported industrial drum roaster in small batches and specialize in catering  to hotels and restaurants all over Guatemala. We offer bulk packages and zero-waste deals.

We offer to roast the coffee beans light to medium or medium dark to dark and on request grind your coffee to any level desired. We will provide the coffee exactly as you prefer it – every time.

In 2020 we launched our new brand Aljana including Tahini, Macadamia & Peanut butter and local raw Honey to our growing product list. All products are made from locally grown and sourced materials.

All our production remains artisanal, pure, without additives or chemicals. We strongly believe in supporting our local communities and providing healthy products to our customers.

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Our Prtner Brnds

We are dedicated to providing natural products that are good for you and the planet. We source our ingredients responsibly, prioritizing sustainable practices and fair trade partnerships.

The premium ceremonial-grade Guatemalan cacao. Expertly processed to unlock the highest theobromine levels, it delivers the full potential of nature’s superfood.

Lake Atitlán’s Love Probiotics: Ancient wisdom meets gut love. Fermented elixirs awaken your gut & capture the magic of the lake. Taste the love, taste the goodness.

Discover Rimo, our extra premium sesame oil. Cold-pressed from the highest-quality sesame seeds, packed with natural and ethical goodness. Using only locally grown ingredients

Our House Brnd

Explore Aljana®’s range of tahini, nut butters, honey, and coffee. Crafted with finest local natural ingredients, each product delivers delicious flavor and wholesome goodness.

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