The Ultimte Gutemln
rtisnl Coffee Tour

𖥸 Explore the art of coffee, from cultivation to roasting 𖥸

Beyond the Cup

Discover the Journey Behind Your Coffee.

The Shangri-La coffee tour is a unique experience popular among coffee enthusiasts as it focuses on the processing of the ripe coffee cherry to the roasted bean explaining and demonstrating every step of the way. We show and explain what factors make a difference in the quality and flavor of the coffee.

We demonstrate how coffee is grown in our own private coffee garden, show the processing and machines used to convert the cherry into raw green coffee and do a roast demonstration explaining how we can manipulate the outcome of the flavor.

The tour takes 1-1,5 hours. We charge Q75 per person – 2 people minimum. Please make a reservation using the Whatsapp link below, this tour is available by appointment only. Please note that this tour does not include a tour of a coffee farm or plantation.

The secrets behind your fvorite brew t Shnri- titln

Discover the fctors tht influence the exceptionl qulity nd flvor.

Importnt Informtion

🌱  1 – 1.5 hours
🌱  Q 75 per person – 2 minimum
🌱 Available for groups
🌱 Barrio 2, San Marcos La Laguna

This tour is available by appointment only

Fetured Customer

We learned a ton about the coffee making process, from growing and picking through to roasting, and gained a better appreciation for the good stuff!


The coffee tour with Tim was really informative. He explained the whole process from seed to roast. It’s also an opportunity to buy local grown and roasted coffee at “factory” prices.


It was great finding out how the local coffee is grown and produced in a way that supports the local people, and really interesting getting to actually see the drying and roasting.


At the roastery, Tim demonstrated the whole process from start to finish. The view of the lake from the roastery is quite impressive, too. And the coffee, of course ... wow.


Tim was super kind and available, giving us the tour on a Sunday morning. We've learned many details about what makes THE difference in coffee!


Not only a highlight of our time around Lake Atitlan, but in all of Guatemala. Worth the trip to San Marcos from wherever you are staying around the lake. Tour was in English.


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