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Our Factory Outlet store gives our clients the access to buy all of our products directly from us at a competitive price. Always the freshest, always all varieties available. We also offer bulk quantities and Zero Waste purchasing for all of our products. Our store also serves as a sales point for other local producers. All the products available are made by friends & businesses we collaborate with.

We home deliver for free within the San Marcos/Tzununa area for purchases 150 Quetzales and up. Order in the afternoon for next morning deliveries.

ljn Coffee

Coffee from titln

Premium Package
From Q47 to Q62
  • 350g: Q47
  • 400g: Q52
  • 450g: Q57
  • 500g: Q62
Economic Package
From Q30 to Q135
  • 230g: Q30
  • 454g: Q52
  • 500g: Q57
  • 1362g: Q135

Organic Coffee from Quiché

Premium Package
From Q53 to Q67
  • 350g: Q53
  • 400g: Q58
  • 450g: Q62
  • 500g: Q67
Economic Package
From Q33 to Q145
  • 230g: Q33
  • 454g: Q55
  • 500g: Q60
  • 1362g: Q145

ljn Products

From Q30 to Q1,090
  • 230g: Q30
  • 430g: Q45
  • 2 lb: Q85
  • 40lb bucket: Q1,090
Macadamia Cream
From Q40 to Q1,750
  • 230g: Q40
  • 430g: Q65
  • 2 lb: Q110
  • 40lb bucket: Q1,750
Homemade Jam
From Q30 to Q40

Strawberries & Blackberries


  • 230g: Q30
  • 450g: Q40
Peanut Butter
From Q28 to Q900
  • 230g: Q28
  • 430g: Q42
  • 2 lb: Q60
  • 40lb bucket: Q900
Artesanal Raw Honey
From Q28 to Q990
  • 300g: Q28
  • 560g: Q42
  • 1250g: Q80
  • 1 gallon: Q220
  • 55lb bucket: Q990

Nntli Cco

100% Ceremonial Cacao 1lb

Tempered Premium Cacao

Crafted Chocolate Bar

RIMO Sesme Oil

Extra Virgin Sesame Oil
Q35 - Q385

250ml ........ Q35
1L ................ Q115
1 Gallon ...... Q385

Toasted Sesame Oil
Q40 - Q405

250ml ........ Q40
1L ................ Q120
1 Gallon ...... Q405

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