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Our coffe tour will start with a beautiful walk through the valley of San Marcos la Laguna.

We will visit a surplus of locally owned, small coffe fields. In this space we will talk about how coffee came to Lake Atitlan and what being a coffee farmer in these areas means. 

Other topics that we will talk about are: coffee exportation, requirements for growing high quality coffee, syntropic agriculture, general health of the plants and the basic diferences between Arabica and Robusta.

After completing our field trip we will reach Shangri-La, where you may enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, water and a restroom service. 

The tour will continue on to how to process coffee: drying, cleaning, classifying, sorting and roasting coffee. We will be visiting diferent stations inside the factory, each responsible for a different process. 

Lastly we will enter the coffee roasting workshop, in wich you will learn about our roasting machine, how the roasting process functions and finally we will roast together!

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